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The rise and fall of the price of Red Sox tickets

For last few years, Red Sox tickets have been sold at very cheap rates. The prices have been so low that some fans started saying that you can get a ticket with the mere change in your wallet. During 2012 season, the price of some tickets near the outfield were sold for as little as $3, even though they normally sell for $30. This decrease in price was very good for people who are unable to afford the normally-pricey tickets for the games, and cheap tickets provided them a nice chance to watch games without spending much money.

This decrease in price was mainly due to a less-than-impressive season by the Red Sox. Because of this poor performance, fans were not as enthusiastic for the game as they usually are. At their lowest point, the Red Sox tickets cheap offers were nearly half of the average ticket price from four years ago.

But as the current season goes on the way, there will be an increase in the price of Red Sox tickets. After all, they won the World Series during the season of 2013. This win has reignited the passions of Boston fans everywhere and will certainly be a leading factor in the increase in price of Red Sox tickets. For the first time in nearly three years, a price increase seems very likely.

The overall price has already been increased by 4.8%. Along with this increase, there is also an introduction of a tier-system for pricing. A tier-system means that there will be different ticket prices for low profile and high profile games. As low profile games generate less revenue, their ticket prices have been reduced so that more audience can be attracted and revenue can be increased. Therefore, even though the average ticket price is set to increase, fans who aren’t as particular about the game might actually be able to find lower prices than in previous years by taking advantage of the tier-system pricing.


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